Sylwia Kopczynska

Beyond scheme by Sylwia Kopczynska

Young designer – Sylwia Kopczynska surprises with unconventional approach to wedding fashion. The collection is certainly a revelation in the industry. The latest collection gives a unearthly esthetic experience. It is not a coincidence that the title of the latest collection and the main theme is ‘Light’, understood as manifest of freshness, fineness and etherealness. In the collection we do not find any rigid fabrics. Kopczynska classically applies multi-layered, asymmetrically cut and torn fabrics – creating effect of soft sea waves. The collection would not be complete without characteristic ethereal and romantic dresses, made of fine, floaty textiles, softly flowing through the body line. Lightness concerns not only fabrics, but above all, the extraordinary sense of freedom in Sylvia’s designs.

Kopczynska has unusual sense of style and bold approach to fashion, she follows her vision and she breaks routine. The designer is unrivaled virtuoso of subtle transparency, she plays with lace saturation and multi-layered material. The woman dressed by Kopczynska tempt … first by her fineness then slowly convert into fascinating and intriguing woman.
The bride of Kopczynska is self-confident and conscious. She is free, gleaming and extremely feminine.